Title reporting

We examine and analyse the title deeds and other contract documents relating to the property before drafting a title report and set of enquiries. 

We have many years of experience of properties all over England and Wales and  are familiar with how the property market can vary from one part of the country to another.

We prepare reports on most properties from the most basic freehold property to the more complex new build leasehold with several layers of title.

We specialise in unregistered land, freehold, new builds, specialist leasehold (shared ownership, work/live units, retirement flats, Tyneside/Cross over leases), building plots, repossession and auction properties.

In addition to our standard title report we offer an additional service where we can report on both freehold and leasehold management packs together with conveyancing searches (subject to an additional fee).

Additional services provided are:

Checking replies to enquiries | If required, checking all replies to enquiries raised before drafting a response. | Reporting on searches | We check all conveyancing search results and report on the results

We cover all types of property within England & Wales including but not limited to:
  • Freehold & leasehold properties
  • Registered/unregistered properties
  • New build and building plots
  • Shared ownership
  • Right to buy properties
  • Repossession & auction properties

High level of experience and expertise

Having worked in Conveyancing for a combined 30 years plus, as fee earners and team managers for both volume and high street firms, we understand the time pressures and stresses experienced by Conveyancers providing us with a valuable insight and empathy with Conveyancers enabling us to understand what is required by Conveyancers  from the outset.

In our years of conveyancing practice we have developed expertise in all areas of residential property in England & Wales and in particular unregistered property, newbuild properties and leasehold (especially shared ownership, retirement flats, work/live units and those with headleases in mixed commercial/residential developments).

With an emphasize on accuracy, all our services are fully insured, reducing risk  to Conveyancers and are designed to enable Conveyancing firms to ‘tap’ into experienced Conveyancers without any long-term commitment or risk.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection purposes

How do we comply with GDPR?

WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY PERSONAL DATA ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS. We restrict the information that we gather solely to that relating to the property and its purchase.

The only information that we ask for is:

  • Property address
  • Title Deeds
  • Contract documents
  • Protocol forms
  • Other documents such as warranties, planning consents and so on that are relevant to the purchase of the property.
  • Whether or not the property is being purchased with a mortgage (we do not want any details of the mortgage itself)
  • The proposed use of the property (live in, buy to let and so on)
  • How the title is to be held (joint tenants or tenants in common).

Our service centers around the purchase transaction (and not the party purchasing the property):

  • Who is selling the property?
  • Do they have the right to sell the property?
  • Are there any restrictions on the sale of the Property?
  • What are the covenants and rights benefiting and affecting the property?
  • Are there any Registered Charges secured against the property, Notices, Court Orders and so on.
  • Our reports are not specific to any individual purchaser. Our reports concentrate on whether the property being sold has a “good and marketable“ title and is suitable for the purpose(s) for which it is being bought- no matter who the purchaser is.

We provide a fast turnaround of reports as well as an expedited service

We aim to turn files around within 3 – 5 working days and will notify you of any changes as times may vary during busy times of the year.

We offer an expedited service where reports can be completed and returned to you within in 1-2 working days (additional fee and conditions apply).

Our services are available nationwide in England & Wales

Our service is open to all Conveyancing firms in England and Wales.

On occasions, we may consider requests from firms in Scotland; however, we can only report on properties within England and Wales.

Short notice service with no fixed term contract

We do not require our clients to provide advance notice of the reports they require us to undertake.  Once you are registered on our system, you can simply send a file to us at any time.

Once you have registered with us, we do not require any minimum or maximum number of files.  Our service is designed for you to use “as and when needed”.

We are fully insured for the service we offer

All our services are insured- we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of £2 million per claim.

Details of our Professional Indemnity Insurance are available upon request.